USDC arrives at KDSwap thanks to Lago Finance!

2 min readJul 21, 2022


We all know that’s what matters. Kadena is a unique blockchain, with what we believe is the best technology for mass crypto usage. But some hurdles still need to be overcome to achieve that.
Today, we leave one of them behind!

We are proud to announce the first-ever Stablecoin pair, KDA/kwUSDC, listed on a decentralized exchange in Kadena, KDSwap!
Once again, this was achieved by working with an ecosystem partner, Lago Finance, who built an ETH/KDA bridge and enabled USDC to be moved from one chain to the other. The bridging platform is also live!


To kickstart the pool, a bit of each asset was added to the Liquidity pool. Any user is welcome to add additional liquidity to this pair, the 0.3% trading fee will apply just as with any other pair on the DEX. Please be aware that you are subject to IL and that adding liquidity is mostly profitable as a long-term investment strategy.

More wUSDC pairs

More pairs will be added for $kwUSDC in the near future. Adding stablecoin pairs to the DEX will allow traders to optimize their strategies, and holders to not have to part with their precious $KDA when investing into Kadena projects.

IDO raises in wUSDC

We also intend to add kwUSDC as a payment method for IDOs on KDLaunch. This will allow projects to raise the capital they need without having to sell $KDA to ensure a stable treasury. It will also allow teams to add a stablecoin pair on KDSwap once they list there.




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