Updates to the KDSwap Roadmap

3 min readJun 30, 2022

The KDSwap team has been hard at work since launch, and we would like to keep everyone updated on the progress so far.

As you all know, we are community-driven. That means that our actions are always focused on our community. With that in mind, we decided to change our roadmap to fit what swappers are asking us and also in features that we believe are important to keep our projects and users safe to sustain healthy growth.

We’ve made a few changes to the roadmap that we can share with you now. These will be updated on the website very soon:

🔹Multi-asset staking was not on the current roadmap, but due to high demand, we have prioritized it and moved it forward. This will be delivered early-mid Q3.

🔹Chain-agnostic functionality will be moved back. Kadena is building native support for it, so rather than continuing with our own solution, we will be implementing theirs, to free up time to work on the other features. This is expected in Q3 — early Q4.

🔹Custom token pair creation will be moved to early Q3. Initially focusing on pairs with KDA.

🔹Approval for listings on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko is still expected in Q3. Our submissions are under review as we speak.

🔹Vault, our Token Locker for vesting. We are enabling any project to lock its tokens according to its vesting schedules making sure that tokens are fairly distributed. This feature is very important to keep investors and team members safe. It will be delivered in early Q3.

🔹Advanced charts with candlestick support have been moved to Q3/early Q4 also as part of our community feedback.

🔹Models for Impermanent loss mitigation are looking very promising. As previously stated, we are looking to implement a system where users can set strict parameters on more volatile pairs, and keep maximum risk/reward for pairs they expect to be more stable. We are looking to make this available in Q4. We are taking the time to really build something that can be maintained long-term so we expect to receive community feedback before starting to write code.

🔹Governance, using the KDS token, will be implemented in Q4.


We have a lot more features in store that we are excited to start building. Once we have a clear time frame for our next additions, we will let you all know and add to the roadmap.

New listings are coming as well, from two of our favorite projects, Timpi and Docushield. $TMP and $DOC tokens on their way to KDSwap!

Also, with custom pair creations on the way, enabling users to add pairs dynamically, we have updated the token selector to allow searching of the blockchain, so users can just type in a contract name. If it’s a valid token it can be added.

First as KDA/XXX pairs, then support will be added for KDS/XXX pairs, then finally XXX/XXX pairs.

The KDSwap team is working hard to bring you the best exchange possible, and we appreciate your patience, support, and all the suggestions we are receiving from you (we got some amazing ideas that we adopted from those suggestions).

Hope all of you Swappers are as excited as we are!




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