The 2023 KDL roadmap is here!

6 min readJan 23, 2023


We are proud of what we got done in our first year, but rather than get complacent, we are swinging for the fences in the next one. No chance of us coasting along and hoping the network we build on magically grows and takes us with it, we will be actively driving it forwards.

We can’t wait to tackle every part of this roadmap and launch as many projects onto this chain as possible! We honestly love what we do, we are ambitious as hell, and if there is one promise we can make to anyone reading this… Support us, and we will work our asses off for you!

So grow this thing huge with us!

Seriously. You have agency. You don’t have to watch this from the outside, passively hoping your investments grow. Be active, get involved, and get as excited as we are for 2023 and everything beyond!

We are coming in hot this year, and so is team Kadena with some massive improvements in tools for developers. As Kadena’s premier launchpad, this was music to our ears and we are expecting a huge inflow of builders to the network in 2023.

We want to provide these new builders with the best platform to get their projects off the ground and reach the largest audience possible, so this year’s roadmap has a real focus on accessibility and network growth. Let’s dive in!

Linx wallet integration. Q1 2023

We’ve teamed up with the good folks over at Linx to integrate the KDLaunch platform fully into their mobile wallet. You will be able to access every aspect of the KDLaunch platform from directly inside the Linx app.

Linx is currently in beta, but as a chainless wallet with a fiat on-ramp and in-app swaps on the way, they will help us smash through any barriers to adoption.

Any potential new user interested in an IDO will just download the Linx wallet, fund it, and be able to use KDLaunch on their mobile. No Cex, No Dex, no asking about chains in telegram, just one convenient app!

Wallet-Connect integration. Q1 2023

Continuing this push for accessibility and growth, we will be adding full support for Wallet-Connect to our platform this quarter.

No more clever workarounds for connecting with mobile, like using Kiwi browser. If you have any Kadena wallet that has wallet connect integration, it will be supported on our platform.

For us, if someone asks, “can I use ‘x’ on KDLaunch?”, and it’s a possibility, our answer should always be “yes”. We won’t settle for less.

Pre-registration: Confirm your interest in an IDO ahead of time and get unique rewards from projects! Q2 2023

So excited about this one! Ok, maybe it seems boring on the surface, but hear me out. We want a seamless experience for projects as well as users, and we are adding another feature that’s rewarding for both!

After seeing some of the stress that was relieved by our WL voucher system during the Arkade IDO, we started to think hard about what other parts of launching your project with us could be stressful. One of the most anxiety-inducing parts of an IDO for projects is just wondering if anyone is going to show up.

Projects put themselves out there early and start making plans and promises and yet the metrics used to gauge interest can be pretty misleading. So we are implementing a system that gives a much more concrete idea of how well the IDO might go, and help to set caps and prices much earlier. The best part is that the way we are going to do this will provide some great perks for users.

There are still some details to work out, but the basic structure is that a user who pre-registers (confirms they will be participating) is going to get extra rewards from the project that’s launching. It could be extra tokens, NFTs, merch, or anything else the project wants to offer, it will be unique to each one. Trust us when we say, they will want to know these numbers early and will make it worth pre-registering for you all.

Launching NFT collections on the Marmalade standard. Q2 2023

Yep, full marmalade standard NFT collection launches are coming to KDL. As the finishing touches are added to marmalade, we expect the NFT scene on Kadena to take off, and we know we can build a great platform for INOs and bring extra value to KDL holders.

For those of you aware of an upcoming project from our team called LemonJuice, I have to point out that this is not it. Though collections launched on KDL can end up trading on LemonJuice, and what we know of marmalade came from working on it, they are separate projects.

Does this take anything away from LemonJuice? No, not at all. The two won’t clash, only complement each other.
LemonJuice is not the traditional NFT marketplace you are used to seeing, it is much, much more. It may need its own category. We haven’t seen the ideas and tools we are implementing anywhere else yet and do not want to show our hand too early, so we will be keeping the details of LemonJuice close to our chests until we are ready for a full launch.

KDLaunch can handle the INOs, LemonJuice has its own path!

Auto-compounding of KDL staking rewards. Q3 2023

We are focusing hard on making everything a little easier, so we know we have to go back and get all the little things right too, like set-and-forget staking. No more manually claiming and re-staking, we know you want to maximize those rewards and we are going to help you do it.

Stable-coin support with an in-app swap (provided by KDSwap of course!). Q3 2023

It’s not news to any of you that we need a good stable coin on Kadena. While we cannot control when this will happen, we have let our roadmap reflect what we think will be the longest timeframe that this should happen within.

However, the plan is, if a stablecoin becomes available before this date we can move it up on our priorities list and add support on KDLaunch, with in-app swaps for the stablecoin provided by a KDSwap integration, keeping in line with this year’s focus on accessibility.

Aside from these items, it’s all about launching as many good projects on Kadena as possible.

As our launchpad is already up and running, most of our time will go to finding new projects to work with and making improvements to the platform based on community suggestions. We appreciate the critical feedback, even when it is hard to hear. Sometimes we can be too close to see, and that’s why we try to listen to you all.

New projects and small UX improvements don’t really need to be listed on the roadmap, so we have just reserved it for some big-ticket items that mark the biggest changes to the platform.
We have omitted anything we aren’t sure will go ahead, like items involving other parties with whom we don’t have agreements already. We also avoid filling up the roadmap with every half-baked idea that makes it to our internal roadmap. The goal isn’t to mislead or over-promise, just to give you an idea of our direction as a company.

The roadmap isn’t static either, and we will be updating and adding items as they arise.

If anything on the roadmap has you as excited as we are about KDLaunch, get active, share it around, and help us grow! We appreciate it and will always work hard to earn that support.

Check out the KDSwap roadmap!
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