2 min readJun 10, 2022


That’s a wrap for the Docushield IDO… another huge success, and another groundbreaking project launched on KDLaunch!

A massive thanks to everyone who contributed in raising a whopping 225,690 KDA, easily exceeding the softcap of 120k KDA, and giving a promising project the funds needed to build something great!

It really speaks to the intelligence and long term vision of this community, that despite broader market conditions, you all still came out in droves to invest in game changing tech like DOC!

The KDL team loved Docushield from the first pitch, and recognised huge potential in this project. After working closely with the team for their IDO, our confidence has grown exponentially and we have no doubt they can deliver.

Here are a few stats from the sale we’d like to share with you all:

Number of registrations: 806

Average Buy: 392.51 KDA

Locked KDL for Docushield IDO: 15,588,258.177496

What’s next for Docushield and their investors…

The MVP for the app has been launched, so users can test it out and help the team improve upon it to build the most secure storage app available. Learn more and sign up here.

Docushield have partnered with Flux and Flux labs! This will allow node operators to receive rewards in DOC tokens by participating in the network. Learn more about running nodes here.

And for you investors, your bags just got a little heavier, as Docushield will be distributing all unsold tokens to IDO investors proportionally to their purchase amount. This is an incredibly generous bonus, and shows the gratitude Docushield has for all of you that helped make their work possible.

KDLaunch is proud to have partnered with Docushield for their IDO, and will continue working with them for what looks to be a very bright future.

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