Propbase IDO. Round 2 Info

3 min readAug 13, 2023


The $PROPS token has become hot property, poised to shine brilliantly in the expansive RWA tokenization space. The first round of the IDO saw a swift sellout on APLaunch, signaling the immense potential it holds.

For those who couldn’t partake in the first round or are eager to accumulate more $PROPS tokens ahead of the comprehensive Propbase platform launch and subsequent exchange listings later this year, now is your chance! Round 2 of the propbase IDO will be commencing on the 28th August.

This article will cover key details; Dates, token price, and mega giveaways!

Round 2 Dates

Registration opens: 28th August
Whitelist/KDL Holders Round: 4th September
Fair Distribution Round: 6th September
Sale End: 12th September

Sale Currency

USDT (Aptos, Layer zero. Available on pancakeswap)

$PROPS Token Details:

Round 2 Token Price: 0.0025 USD
Round 2 Token Supply: 60,000,000 PROPS
Round 2 Hard Cap: 150,000 USD

Total IDO Supply: 240,000,000 PROPS
Total Token Supply: 1,200,000,000 PROPS
See full tokenomics

Automatic staking rewards for investors:

$PROPS tokens bought at IDO will be automatically staked at 8% APY starting at the purchase date.

TGE and Token Claim:

TGE: October 30th
Token Claim: November 30th

Mega Giveaways!!!

The ‘fast fingers’ and ‘maxi’ giveaways in round 1 had such a good response that the propbase team is running them again… and kicking them up even higher for round 2!

Fast fingers giveaway is back with another $5000 in $PROPS tokens up for grabs!

How it works: The first 100 people to fill their whitelist/KDL allocation will share in the prizepool.

And the Maxi Giveaway has been raised even higher! Invest over the threshold amounts to get upto a 40% bump in tokens received!

How it works: Anyone investing upto and over the listed amounts receives the corresponding %bump on their tokens.

Tier 1: Invest ≥ $500 get 10% extra
Tier 2: Invest ≥ $1000 get 20% extra
Tier 3: Invest ≥ $1500 get 30% extra
Tier 4: Invest ≥ $2000 get 40% extra!

Example: invest $500, get $550 worth of tokens. Invest $1000, get $1200 worth of tokens. Invest $2000, get $2800 worth of tokens!!!

How to take part in the IDO

  1. Make yourself an account on APLaunch and pass KYC.
  2. Register for the sale on the Propbase project page.
  3. The sale is separated into two rounds, A whitelist round, and a fair distribution round. You can apply for a Whitelist spot here. If you don’t get a Whitelist, you can participate in the Fair distribution round.

KDL token holders are automatically Whitelisted. We are currently working on a Kadena-Aptos bridge for the KDL token, but it will not be ready for this IDO. Instructions for KDL holders to get the WL voucher codes they are entitled to can be found here.

Join the Propbase Community!

There are a lot of exciting developments on the horizon for Propbase. To keep up to date with all the latest, watch video updates and AMAs, snag a whitelist spot, or just say hi to the team directly, consider following Propbase Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

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