Propbase IDO; Full details and a Mega Giveaway!

4 min readJun 8, 2023


The Propbase team is fired up and building something truly special on the Aptos network. We have the good fortune of hosting the IDO for this gem of a project on our new launchpad APLaunch!

With the IDO drawing near it’s time to announce all the exciting details and let you all in on the mega giveaway they have planned!

We are using a different sale format for the IDO than past IDOs on KDLaunch, and have also revised the previous dates that were given here.

The IDO will be separated into 3 smaller rounds spread over a longer timeframe. This revised approach allows for better market responsiveness and provides more opportunities for potential investors to participate at different stages of the project’s development.

The highly exclusive first round will have the lowest price of all three sales. It will be accessible with a WL spot or a KDL tier but will be FCFS (first come, first served) as we anticipate that this smaller amount will see the first round oversubscribed.

This multiple-round strategy is targeting long-term growth and enables Propbase to build momentum, attract a wider range of investors, and generate sustained interest in the platform. This approach demonstrates a focus on building a strong foundation for the token’s value and future growth.

As the rounds progress, potential investors will be able to see more development from Propbase before joining the sale, but those joining the earliest rounds will rightfully receive the lowest token price.

VVIP Round 1 Key Dates:

Registration: July 10th
Whitelist Round: July 17th
KDL Holders Round: July 18th
Fair Distribution: July 20th
Sale End: July 26th

$PROPS Token Details:

Round 1 Token Price: 0.0017 USD
Round 1 Token Supply: 60,000,000 PROPS
Round 1 Hard Cap: 100,000 USD
Subsequent Rounds: TBD

Total IDO Supply: 240,000,000 PROPS
Total Token Supply: 1,200,000,000 PROPS
See full tokenomics

Automatic staking rewards for investors:

$PROPS tokens bought at IDO will be automatically staked at 8% APY starting at the purchase date.

Inflation Schedule:

Vesting Schedule:

TGE and Token Claim:

TGE: October 30th
Token Claim: November 6th


Minimum: 100 USD
Maximum: 2000 USD

KDL Holders-
Minimum: 100 USD
Maximum: 4000 USD

The Propbase Mega Giveaway!!

To say the Propbase team is excited about their launch is an understatement. They have already lined up some massive real estate developers, built an epic demo, and are pushing for a V1 platform launch next quarter!

They have reserved 3%* of the IDO supply for two massive giveaways.

For those participants that match the Propbase team’s delivery speed and enthusiasm, they are giving away $5000 in $PROPS tokens!

How it works: The first 100 people to fill their whitelist allocation, and the first 100 people to fill their KDL allocation will go in the draw to win a prize.

And for those that just want to load up max $props tokens, a % bump in tokens received is on the table.

How it works: Anyone that invests at least $500 gets a 10% bump on their tokens, and anyone that invests $1000 gets a whopping 20% bump on their tokens!
Example: invest $500, get $550 worth of tokens. Invest $1000, get $1200 worth of tokens!

Check out the Propbase Demo with Founder Kevin Goos

Or try the demo for yourself right here!

RWA (real-world assets) is something you will be hearing a lot about in the crypto space in the coming years. Based on a report from Boston Consulting Group, the on-chain RWA market is expected to reach between $4 trillion and $16 trillion by 2030. Propbase has a team that will deliver products that live up to the potential of this niche. Do not sleep on this one!

Propbase Website APLaunch




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