Propbase IDO Dates! Only on APLaunch

3 min readApr 27, 2023

📝The dates in this article have been revised. Please check the latest information here.

We are about to host our first Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on our APLaunch platform on the Aptos blockchain. This IDO also marks the first under the unified KDLabs brand, which means that anyone holding KDL tokens will have access to this opportunity. What makes it even more special is that we get to collaborate with an amazing project like Propbase!

Our partnership with Propbase goes back to November, and we have spent considerable time working closely with their team. They have shown great patience during market uncertainties and our company restructuring process leading up to their IDO for the $PROPS token. We have been consistently impressed with their expertise as builders in their field and as individuals. But before we shamelessly, yet honestly, shill their project for the rest of the article, let’s take a moment to highlight the important dates!

Registration: 12th June
WhiteList Round: 19th June
KDL Holders Round: 20th June
Fair Distribution Round: 22nd June
Sale End: 26th June

Token Claim/Vesting:
50% available within one week of the sale ending (before 3rd July)
25% available on 07th August
25% available on 18th September

IDO participants will have access to $PROPS staking, and all tokens will be unlocked before the platform launch end of Q3.

The goal of the Propbase project is to make Real Estate investing accessible to everyone through fractional ownership. Their team has a wealth of experience in the prop-tech field, helping build successful web2 marketplaces for reputable companies like Kaidee and Century21. They have deep roots in the booming South East Asia property market, where they have already signed property developers to use the propbase app upon launch, which is scheduled for Q3 this year.

It’s a tough time to launch new projects, but the best projects don’t let anything stop them, and real estate is often considered a stable asset that tends to hold its value over the long term, even during economic downturns. By fractionalizing real estate on the blockchain, propbase lets investors gain exposure to real estate as a stable asset, while also benefiting from the increased accessibility, liquidity, and transparency offered by blockchain technology. This diversification of investment portfolio into real estate, even in fractional ownership, can potentially provide a hedge against market volatility and economic uncertainties, as real estate has historically shown resilience in uncertain market conditions. Combine this with the experienced and connected team behind propbase, and the strong utility of the PROPS token, and it makes for a worthy IDO in any market.

No one can explain propbase and the future of real estate tech quite like the team themselves, so we had Afonso meet with the core propbase members and record this long-form interview, which we highly recommend checking out.

Besides this interview, there is a plethora of info released by propbase, and you can find everything you need including whitepapers, tokenomics, and roadmaps at

We will soon follow up with more info on prices, starting market caps, and how to use the KDLaunch token to participate on APLaunch. In the meantime, if you have any questions for propbase feel free to hit them up on discord and telegram.





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