No Bears! Only Bulls, Launchers, and Arkade Fun!

3 min readJul 21, 2022


$ARKD is coming to KDLaunch!!!

You’ve probably seen these awesome looking bulls invading your socials as ambassadors for Kadena, and if you dug a little deeper, you might have noticed the incredible community of crypto, NFT, and gaming enthusiasts they have been building.

If you dig in even deeper, you will see this community have the ability to travel back in time, and hang out in the tribute they’ve constructed to the roots of gaming…

While others worried about the markets, the bulls community, safe in the knowledge they are a part of the best Layer 1 there is, have been playing classic arcade games and earning star points to to get access to NFT mints, exclusive servers, and bragging rights… and soon, they will be earning $ARKD tokens as well!

KDLaunch is stoked to be partnering with the Bulls and hosting the IDO for the $ARKD token!

When we met the humans behind the rad Bulls NFTs, we found a passionate and talented team of gaming and crypto nuts, that were fed up with web3.0 gaming projects that promise some elaborate P2E open world gaming experience in the metaverse… then fail to deliver.

The Bulls approach is different, they aim to make web3 gaming universally accessible by providing users with the familiarity of the games they grew up playing while simultaneously leveraging the power of the blockchain to reward them for their efforts.

With a beta of the Arkade already up and running, featuring their own versions of arcade classics, and a crystal clear vision to mimic the natural progression of gaming technology, by stepping through the golden ages of gaming, and then adding complexity on an inevitable but realistic march toward modern 3d gaming experiences on web3, we jumped at the chance to work with them.

Their ideas and their proven ability to deliver really struck a chord with us, but we had to ask, what will the users be able to do with their $ARKD tokens?

Turns out, a whole lot!

$ARKD is a utility token that will power the Arkade economy. Players can earn $ARKD by hitting milestones within the games, then use those tokens to buy or upgrade their NFTs (yep, they already built and integrated an NFT marketplace as well), unlock new levels and games, stake their tokens for passive income, and of course, sell their tokens on exchanges if they like.

It makes sense to us that the Bulls Arkade should have it’s own native token, and it was also obvious to us that offering users fun and lucrative options to use their token rewards within the platform creates real value for this asset.

Honestly, it’s going to be a blast working with the bulls, and giving launchers the opportunity to load up on $ARKD tokens to hit the Arkade with!

More details will follow, including an in depth whitepaper outlining the future of the project. Until then, have fun testing out their Arkade and NFT marketplace beta. This is the best team of Bulls since 1996, so keep an eye out for updates and go hang with them in their discord.




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