Let’s Keep it Simple — KDLaunch Staking v1.1

Mar 11, 2022


In our first released article, we mentioned that the staking structure might be subject to change over time in order to maintain a simple, fair and balanced fundraising platform.

We’ve simplified the structure.

  • Max APY has been removed.
  • Fixed APY — that will be adjusted periodically according to market developments/KDL staked
  • Rewards are now shown on our website in real-time, not hourly.
  • Increased our APY to 13.3%

That’s it. Keep it Simple.

About KDLaunch

KDLaunch is the first decentralised IDO platform on Kadena. KDLaunch is enabling projects to distribute tokens and raise liquidity. Stake KDLaunch tokens to get priority-access to promising projects and receive staking rewards.

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