KDSwap — The 2023 Roadmap

7 min readJan 19, 2023


1 year ago, KDSwap did not exist. Not even in thought. It would take about 4 months for it to see the light of day.
Since then, a lot has been accomplished and developed on the platform! Millions of swaps, millions in TVL, lots of unique features, such as the token locker and the multi-asset staking, and a plethora of integrations, with kadefi, zelcore, coingecko, etc…

As much as we have accomplished in these last 8 months, we still want to bring a lot to the platform.
Integrations, new features, and UX improvements, we’ve got it all in the new and shining KDSwap roadmap!


The way for the ecosystem to grow and prosper is through collaborations among its builders. We have no doubts about this one!
With this in mind, we are always open and actively looking for opportunities to integrate tools from others or facilitate the integration of our own into other’s

We predict that more integrations will be added to the roadmap as the year progresses, but in the meantime, here are the 2 that have already been confirmed!

Swarms Finance

Swarms bring a very interesting approach to DAOs, sorta like a DYOD (Do Your Own DAO).

Users will be able to decide on whatever they feel like. You can use it for funny meaningless things, like what is for dinner or what present to give a friend, but also as a real voting system for a company or project. You can try this already, as they are live on testnet chain 1!

They are also integrating this system into KDSwap, where you will be able to interact with our Smart Contracts, like the token locker or the liquidity pools. This can be used as a way to form an investment fund or a retirement fund with friends and family.

We are very happy to be integrated into this awesome tool, the devs have the right vision for Kadena and Defi. We hope they keep building these awesome tools and finding ways to connect to KDSwap!

Koala Wallet

The Koala wallet was a nice surprise from Eucalyptus Labs. Their mission is to educate and help people onboard the Kadena journey. While they began doing so with Kadena Network Projects, recently they released an amazing mobile wallet. It is easy to use, with a beautiful UI and a lot of the tools you want, like credit card purchases and a dedicated app dashboard.

KDSwap will be integrated into Koala to make it easier for anyone who prefers to not even leave their wallet when swapping!

UX improvements

We love developing and brainstorming to bring new tools and features to the DEX, but once in a while we also need to stop and look at ways to improve the user experience on the day-to-day use of KDSwap. For these improvements, community feedback is vital, and we want to thank you, the users, for all the input over these months

Dex Stats (Q1)

We have heard you, stats are missing!
We all love to look at our screen and check how much KDS was traded, or how much KDL is now in staking.
So we will implement a much more comprehensive stats page.

Stabilize the platform to prevent downtime (Q1)

One of the biggest sources of discomfort for users was the inability to finish swaps at times due to the platform being unresponsive. While we cannot prevent all of the issues that come with peak volumes, we can mitigate some of them by improving on some structural components. And that is exactly what we are doing this quarter!

Overview of all locks in the platform (Q1)

Currently, you need the lock link to inspect it, or waste a long time in the Kadena explorer searching for it!

We want this feature to be about transparency and safety, so we are listing all the active locks for anyone to browse

Gas Station switch (Q2)

While gas stations are a great and unique feature on Kadena, sometimes a user may need to alter the gas, especially during high-demand instances. We will implement an option to use your own KDA as gas for any transaction

Advanced price charts (Q2)

This one is pretty self-explanatory: Shiny new charts!

Our current charts are ok, but we want traders to be able to use KDSwap as a trading tool and advanced charts are indispensable

Candlesticks, indicators, you name it! The only thing it won’t do is tell you when to buy and sell, so trade carefully!

Info on LP earnings (Q3/Q4)

We heard the complaints about not knowing how much you earned through Liquidy providing, and they made total sense
So we will add this information so that you can keep up with your ROI on your LPs

New Features

Now the goodies!
These are the features that we believe will make KDSwap stand out and offer a unique experience to Kadena users.

Official WalletConnect support (Q1/Q2)

The current support is a temporary solution limited to one wallet. This solution will be replaced by a more robust solution supporting all Kadena Wallets that support the protocol

Liquidity Locking (Q2)

A DEX, as the name suggests, needs to be decentralized. That means letting go of the starting wheel by us, and letting smart contracts reign supreme. It means that automation takes over and processes are not human-controlled.
Unfortunately, it also means bad actors are left unchecked. When a project announces a token listing, by adding liquidity to KDSwap, at the present time, you, as a user, have to make the decision to trust them when buying the token. And so with Liquidity Locking, we give yet another step toward a trustless economy. Once this feature is available, users will no longer need to trust the word of project founders that liquidity won’t be removed, they will be able to confirm it through the locker page.

So long, ruggers!

Liquidity farming (Q2/Q3)

Ahhhhh, how many hours have we spent debating ways to mitigate impermanent loss?
After some crazy complex ideas, we decided to use the most common solution in the market, LP farming. We understand that this is not a long-term fix of IL, but there might not be one, and the actual solution is providing liquidity for the long term, in strong projects, so that the IL will be overcome by the LP gains.

In the meantime, LP farming offers a way to reward providers and keep the pools healthy

Limit Orders (Q2/Q3)

Now, this is a game-changer!

Having limit orders will change the Kadena DeFi landscape forever.
For the first time, Kadena community members will be able to invest and take profit at a fixed rate, by setting up limit orders.
Traders will also be able to use the DEX without having to worry about price impact.

Have we mentioned how excited we are about this one???

OTC Swaps (Q3/Q4)

OTC deals are a great way to invest large sums without losing on price impact and in a private way.
Unfortunately, it is not that simple, as you need some sort of broker to facilitate the trade, and you either have to pay too much or get scammed by the broker.
We will implement an OTC option in KDSwap that will prevent exactly those scenarios. That is the good thing about our Smart Contracts, you can trust and rely on them!

Swap Routing (Q4)

Let's say you earned a nice staking reward from the KDS/KDS pool, and you are so close to getting to the second KDL tier for IDOs. Right now, you need to swap KDS for KDA, and then KDA for KDL. And these 2 steps could become even more once we have more trading pairs than just with KDA!

Enter the Swap Routing!

Once this feature is live, you don’t won’t need to choose specific existing pools, you can select the 2 assets you want to trade, and KDSwap will make the best path for you.

Your brainpower should be used to research good projects, not to worry about the best trading routes!

xxx/xxx pair creation (Q4)

And so we reach our final piece of the puzzle, allowing any pair to be created!

This feature will be very good for projects' sustained development, as it will allow them to create stablecoin pools instead of KDA ones.
It will also be a nice tool for projects with more than one token to create ways for users to swap them.

Overall, this is a natural progression of the dex, towards even more decentralization and autonomy

A word on Governance

We had Governance as a roadmap item last year, but it won’t show up now.

Our vision is to have $KDS at the center of this complex but useful decentralized governance system, where holders will be able to decide on listings, fees, staking pools, farming pools, etc…
To build this in a fair way, we need to be 100% focused on it. And with so much on our plate at the moment, we are not going to commit to a date just yet.

But it will come. And when it does, it will be epic!

After a bumpy 2022 (as exciting as it was from a development standpoint), we are gearing up for a much better year in 2023.

KDSwap is now a staple in the Kadena ecosystem
With multiple innovative features, we are way past the simple reskin and fork of kadenaswap
But we still want to push it even further, we don’t plan to stagnate.

And for those who might have some doubts about us, we are here to stay, so hop on and enjoy the ride!

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