KDS Community Distribution Details

3 min readNov 7, 2022

The time has come for our loyal and early community to pick up their rewards!
This article will break down the details, explain who is eligible to receive the KDS token distribution, and the process of receiving your tokens via the KDSwap token locker.


Total Distribution Amount: 50,000,000 KDS
Approximate value at the time of writing:
KDS Price: $0.017
Total Distribution Value: $840,000

The distribution amount per user has an upper limit of 1000 USD. Any higher would have required KYC to participate.

Distribution limit for every user: 59,523 KDS approx.
This value and others mentioned below, are approximations based on the price today (7/11/22), and may vary slightly due to market price fluctuations between now and when the locks/claims are created (09/11/22, two days from now)
Users that would have exceeded the 1000 USD upper limit will be adjusted to match the limit.


For KDLaunch holders

You are eligible if you had a balance ≥ 3000KDL during the snapshot period (June-July-August 2022).

Total Amount Available: 12,500,000 KDS
Total amount distributed to each holder: 14,845 KDS

For KDSwap Traders

Anyone that traded any token on KDSwap, with a volume over $10, during the snapshot period is eligible. The amount of KDS distributed to your wallet is proportional to your trading volume, with an upper limit of 59,523 KDS as stated above.

Total Amount Available: 37,500,000 KDS
Total amount distributed to each trader: up to 59,523 KDS
Minimum Amount distributed to eligible traders: 12,483 KDS

How to claim!

If you have an eligible wallet based on the criteria above, a lock will be made for you on the KDSwap token locker.

  1. Connect your eligible wallet to KDSwap
  2. Click on the token locker in the top menu
  3. Click on my locks (if you were eligible you will see a lock has been made for you)
  4. Accept the lock by signing for the transaction in your wallet
  5. Claim tokens as available

Each token claim has been split into 6 installments, with the first becoming available to claim on the 9th of November, and all subsequent claims available each month following.

This was done to ensure the circulating supply doesn’t spike too quickly and have a negative impact on your tokens.

A sincere and massive thanks go to everyone who jumped in early to check out what we have built! This distribution, combined with the IDO, staking rewards, and liquidity, makes it 95% of the total KDS supply for the community!

Only 2.5% of the total supply was kept by the team, to account for the time our devs and management spent, and is currently vesting in the token locker. The remaining 2.5% is for competitions and marketing to get the word out.

When our team decided to build this dex, we did it because it is what the Kadena ecosystem needed, so we are happy to see the largest portion of the native tokens be in the hands of the community!

We have a lot of plans for KDSwap and are eager to keep adding all the utility we can to the KDS token. Thanks for all the support!




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