KDLaunch Staking v1.0

3 min readJan 28, 2022


Over the last few months, we have been actively developing and delivering new features to our platform in order to actively build and grow the Kadena ecosystem. That hard work payed off, and we are now "all" able to reap the fruits of that work!

The Eagle has landed KDLaunch Staking v1.0 is here!!

We would like to thank all of the KDLaunch community members who volunteered and/or participated in the beta testing of the staking feature in the KDLaunch platform. We love our community!

Not only did you identify a few bugs that we fixed, you also identified a number of enhancements that we incorporated into the final product. Its is because of your efforts, future platform participants will have a great experience when using the staking feature on the platform.

Now…Lets get into the news you have been waiting for; staking details.

Effective immediately!

KDLaunch staking is LIVE at https://www.kdlaunch.com

🚀 General Info

Important: KDlaunch staking is running on Chain-1

There is no time limit for staking. We encourage long term staking for our community members (Stake It & Forget It). Remember, this structure might be subject to change over time in order to maintain a fair and balanced fundraising platform.

🚀 Rewards

With the launch of staking, the initial rewards APY will be 15.8% and this is also the maximum possible APY at any given time. After the first and subsequent KDL tokens that are staked, the rewards APY will begin to vary at any time depending on the total amount of KDL that are staked by all participants. Rewards per participant stake are calculated once per hour and start to accumulate after the first hour of staking. There will be a 0.5% fee for un-staking and this fee is returned to the rewards pool.

BONUS: To celebrate the release of Staking until the 1st of March the initial rewards APY will be increased to 25%.

🔥 Make sure you are early to stake and reap that sweet BONUS APY!🔥

🚀 Locking Stake for IDO Participation

Before a new IDO starts, there will be a registration period where participants can sign up to participate by registering at the website. Part of this sign up process includes, locking up a specific amount of currently staked KDL associated with the desired tier the participant would like to participate in.
This staked KDL, will be locked by the participant for the duration of the registration period and sale which is typically, 7 days. The participants KDL continues to accrue staking rewards while locked to an IDO. After the IDO is complete, the participants staked KDL are unlocked and available for the next IDO.

Reference: https://kdlaunch.medium.com/kdlaunch-ido-structure-v1-0-861fc9e16334

About KDLaunch

KDLaunch is the first decentralised IDO platform on Kadena. KDLaunch is enabling projects to distribute tokens and raise liquidity. Stake KDLaunch tokens to get priority-access to promising projects and receive staking rewards.

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