KDABet + KDLaunch: Bringing Sports Betting to Kadena

4 min readJul 15, 2022


We aren’t dropping an announcement here, we are dropping a bomb!

KDABet is set to explode, and we are thrilled to announce that we have exclusively partnered with them for an IDO on KDLaunch. This one is going to be huge!

What do you look for in a good project anyway?

How about a team consisting of seasoned industry experts, top tier data and computer scientists, UX veterans, marketing gurus, a sports-betting legend, and a long track record of successful start-ups!

A detailed road-map, with clearly defined goals, and a V1.0 product launch within the year.

Viable passive income opportunities utilizing game-changing NFTs tied to the platform.

A point of difference from others in their given industry, that isn’t just a marketing narrative, but a superior value proposition for users, that is mathematically verifiable.

A use case that could realistically see the native token do billions of dollars in volume, year over year.

The opportunity for you to get in early, with an IDO on a top tier launchpad.

KDABet checks all these boxes and more…

This project doesn’t just present a great opportunity for the loyal Kadena community, but a vehicle to bring people from the sportsbetting and larger crypto space to Kadena, and show them what an infinitely scalable POW blockchain is capable of!

So, what is KDABet?

A store of value betting protocol built on Kadena.

This means they are creating a betting app with a deflationary token, that provides an incentive for both recreational and skilled (professional) bettors, to use their protocol instead of a centralized bookmaker, and they are building this enterprise grade application on top of the only layer 1 capable of handling it, Kadena.

The online sports betting industry is a behemoth, but currently all centralized bookmakers share a common ethos; attract losing bettors only, and limit winning bettors and large scale market makers.

It’s common practice in the sports betting space to collect data on winning bettors, and use this to ban or limit them from taking part in the sports betting market. The KDABet approach is to reward, rather than limit winning bettors, for the data collected. The KDAb token stores the value of your betting data in the token itself. The protocol accomplishes this by emitting a minable token base to those bettors whose data makes the odds more efficient. Bettors battle it out in a competitive game to get “closing line value” which is the difference between the odds you bet and the final consensus of the market, and the more closing line value that bettor gets, the more tokens they mine, adding ROI to their normal bankroll in return for data provision.

As some of the biggest sports bettors in the world, with an in depth understanding of the restrictions placed on large bettors and market makers, the KDABet team is well positioned to create a protocol that aligns with the interests of these restricted bettors, and understands the tremendous volume they can bring to the protocol, along with the valuable data they provide for creating more efficient betting markets.

And what does this mean for KDAb investors?

When you create a protocol that attracts massive market makers, to hold and use the KDAb token, you create a sustainable store of value in that token. Combine this with a respected team of professionals, that know how to attract recreational bettors to that protocol, and the potential for growth is mind blowing. Holding a token attached to a protocol that can do huge volume, regardless of the larger crypto markets, is a smart bet.

Investors in the IDO will also have the chance to mint a Kadena King NFT. A Kadena King holder will earn rewards on their Marmalade NFT as they bet and upgrade their assets, unlocking lavish benefits like:

  • Occasional free rolls
  • Odds boosts
  • Raffles for trips, events, courtside seats
  • Additional rare art to add to their avatar
  • Passive income by taxing bets.

Read more about Kadena King NFTs here.


There is a lot to unpack with a project this big, fortunately the team at KDABet have gone above and beyond to make this as accessible as possible. It’s a fascinating rabbit hole you are about to go down, here are some links to get you started:



Kadena Kings and $KDAb: The value proposition to the KDA community.

KDABet youtube channel

We hope you are as excited as we are for this one. Registration dates and IDO info are on the way, so keep an eye out.




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