Introducing the Earn Protocol on KDSwap

5 min readOct 4, 2022

Multi-asset staking is about to go live on KDSwap!
This week you will see a tab called ‘Earn’ appearing on the Dex. This page will hold our new staking protocol, where users can stake their KDS tokens to receive KDS, KDL, DOC, or ARKD tokens. You can split your KDS across pools and take any combination of these token rewards you would like!

But that’s not all… we are kicking things off with staking pools for Docushield and Arkade as well! So time to put those tokens to work!

This article will cover:

  • How it works
  • Which pools are available at launch
  • APR for individual pools
  • The difference between limited/unlimited pools
  • The future utility of the KDS token beyond staking

KDS Staking:

KDS Pools at launch

As shown above, there will be 4 separate pools available to stake your KDS tokens in at launch, with varying APR. There are a few reasons we went for individual pools like this:

1. So users can choose the exact combinations of assets/amounts/durations they want

2. Some pools are limited in total rewards supply and will fill up

3. We hope to see this earn page absolutely teaming with options in the future, so it’s best to establish a system to accommodate from day one, so rather than just receiving a small amount of many different tokens, you can choose to receive more of your favorites (though you can still choose to take them all if you want!).

We have made staking your KDS tokens as simple as possible. Just decide which pools you would like to participate in, lock the amount of KDS you would like for 1, 3, 6, or 12-month periods, and collect your rewards at the end of the period.

You can choose different amounts and locking periods for each pool. There will be an emergency unlock available with varying unlock fees, should you choose to pull out your tokens early. These fees will be clearly stated on the site.

ARKD and DOC staking:

The first two projects to have their own staking pools on KDSwap Earn are Arkade and Docushield!
They are offering some massive APR on their pools, as shown above, and staking your tokens is easy.

Choose the amount of ARKD or DOC tokens you want to stake, choose a locking period from those stated above, receive your rewards at the end of the lock.

Again, there will be emergency unlocks available with fees.

Limited/Unlimited Pools:

Limited pools have a fixed amount of rewards and are available for new locks to be made by users so long as there are still enough rewards available for the chosen lock.

Unlimited Pools are those that don’t fill up and are always available for users to create new locks.

Below is what we are starting with at launch.

Limited/Unlimited Pools at launch

Getting in early on limited pools added to KDSwap is a great way to maximize your staking rewards!
Pools can be topped up again at each project’s discretion, and new pools added at any time.

The KDSwap Earn Protocol is open to all Kadena projects!

We are happy to host staking pools for other Kadena projects as well, whether these are limited or ongoing.

We will also be incentivizing other projects to add to the KDS staking pools, and plan to keep pushing the value and utility of the KDS token to its limits with new and varied rewards always available.

We hope you all enjoy the passive income from our Earn protocol. We have set these yields as high as possible while maintaining sustainability for the KDS token, with rewards in KDS to last for at least 5 years, and a transition into extra utility and other ways to earn with KDS well before the 5-year mark. We are here for the long term and aim to be the go-to Dex for the Kadena ecosystem. Speaking of which…

The Future Utility of the KDS Token

The long-term goal for the KDSwap Earn protocol is to hand control over to you, the user. Which is why we will be introducing governance capabilities for KDS holders.

Projects will be able to submit proposals for new pools in any combination pair they choose, not only for staking, but in the future for liquidity farming as well. These proposals will be voted on by KDS holders, and pools will be created for the chosen projects.

We understand that many times crypto users hear ‘DAO’ and just roll their eyes, and rightfully so, as the majority of any native token is usually held by the project itself, and therefore makes voting on anything little more than a marketing stunt. This is why KDSwap governance will not include votes from KDS tokens held in reserves by the project, just the circulating supply will count, excluding the wallet that holds our KDS liquidity (which is considered circ supply). The only way to really enforce this is to make these wallets public, so the community can see if large amounts moved to a voting wallet, which is exactly what we will do, making things as easy to track as possible for any user.

We believe this is the best way to build a decentralized exchange that truly reflects the demands of the users it serves.

The vision for the future value and utility of the KDS token is simple. It is a trusted token pair, and a source of passive income that can draw from endless variations of staking and liquidity farming pools, chosen by the KDS holders themselves.

So spread the word about KDSwap, and what we can offer users and project owners. This Dex is built for you, and it thrives with your support.

Thanks from all of us on the KDS team.




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