Introducing KDSWAP

4 min readApr 28, 2022

The Kadena ecosystem deserves a premium decentralized exchange.

As always, the team at KDLaunch has delivered!

The cornerstone of a great ecosystem is a great DEX. This is exactly what we have built for Kadena. The community spoke, KDLaunch listened, and we got to work implementing all the features you have been waiting for.

You want a gas-free DEX?

You got it.

CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko integration?

You got it.

Full decentralization, advanced price trackers, price charts, LP rewards, bonuses for KDL and KDS token holders and a massive community airdrop?


And the best part…It is ready to go!

All that is left is getting the native token (KDS) into the hands of the community. We will be doing this right away with an IDO on KDLaunch and a huge 20% Community airdrop!

As soon as the sale finishes you can claim your KDS tokens, and the DEX will go live!

KDSwap Features


Thanks to Kadena’s revolutionary gas stations, users will enjoy 100% gas-free swaps.

🔹CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko integration

It is time for Kadena tokens to break free and let word spread outside the Kadena ecosystem. All Kadena tokens on KDSwap can be listed on CMC and CG.

🔹True decentralization

No gatekeepers are welcome when it comes to DeFi. KDSwap is open to all projects. Users are free to make their own decisions. No onboarding platforms, this just creates another barrier to entry.

🔹Advanced price trackers for all KDA tokens

Our price trackers monitor the current value of Kadena tokens, in addition to information about market capitalization, trading volume, price charts (with candlesticks), and total value locked.

🔹 Create your own token pairs

DeFi = Freedom. This includes the freedom of users to add any token pair they want.

🔹 Liquidity providers get 100% of trading fees

Time to put your KDA and Kadena tokens to work and start earning. KDSwap gives liquidity providers the ultimate incentives, ensuring huge liquidity pools for traders in the process.

🔹Zelcore, Chainweaver, and X-wallet integration

Just for a start. Any new Kadena wallets that are released will be integrated swiftly.

🔹Built on the battle tested Kadenaswap foundation

The same secure foundation that Anedak and Kaddex V1 are running on. Laid out for us by the Kadena team themselves.

And this is just the beginning. KDLaunch will never stop innovating and adding features to all our products. So let us share some alpha with you here on the next features to be added to KDSwap. Keep in mind, we work fast, and we always deliver.

🔹Limit orders

We are bringing CEX functionalities to KDSwap, starting with allowing users to place limit orders.

🔹Chain agnostic functionality

Never worry about what chain your funds are on, you just make a swap and we’ll handle the cross-chain transferring for you.

🔹 Multi asset staking

Stake one crypto asset and earn rewards in multiple crypto assets.

🔹Wrapped assets

We will be supporting wrapped assets including kUSD, kBTC and kETH as soon as they become available.


A massive 20% of the total KDS supply will be airdropped to early users and KDL token holders.

· 15% of the airdrop will go to users based on their trading activity on KDSwap

· 5% of the airdrop will go to KDL holders. Weekly snapshots will be taken, and holders must have at least 3000 KDL on average.

All details about the airdrop will be revealed soon.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Amazing tech does not just happen. It is built on top of the hard work of others before you. We have huge respect for what Uniswap and its founder Hayden Adams have accomplished. We hope to take that model to the next level using the layer 1 powerhouse that is Kadena blockchain.

The Kadena team also provided the secure foundation (KadenaSwap) on which KDSwap is built. Huge thanks and respect to the Kadena team.

And of course, a massive thanks and enormous respect goes to Thanos. For those uninitiated, Thanos is the Kadena OG. Thanos was building Anedak and Babena Finance while even the earliest of us were still learning about Kadena.

Without pioneers like Thanos who just get out there and build… nothing would happen!

What this means for KDLaunch and KDL token holders

KDLaunch is 100% committed to ensuring the success of the Kadena blockchain and every project that wants to build on top of it.

A rising tide lifts all ships… and we will be the biggest ship in the sea.

KDSwap is the first step of a massive expansion for KDLaunch, and KDL holders will be rewarded for their loyalty every step of the way.

We place a tremendous value on the holders of the KDL token, which is why we are gifting them with 5% of the total supply of the KDS token. KDL holders can expect the same VIP treatment with each new product we release.

As KDLaunch grows we will ensure that your investment grows with us.

Build on Kadena, run on Flux, and enjoy gas-free trading at KDSwap, on behalf of the team at KDLaunch.




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