Introducing KDLaunch

6 min readNov 9, 2021

Written by Chronos

Kadena has been gaining momentum as an infinitely scalable POW blockchain. We’ve seen a lot of early projects on Kadena, and 2022 will continue heavy adoption of Kadena projects.

On the dawn of a new era for Kadena we’d like to introduce the KDLaunch project.

KDLaunch will be one of Kadena’s premiere launchpads. We want to help new projects launch fairly, safely, and securely. We want to help the community build trust while helping them find opportunity. This project aims to help people find their way through the maze of crypto projects out there.

We love Kadena and all it seeks to achieve, and want to help it thrive. We’re on a mission to help new projects gain exposure through the “Fair Launch” IDO concept. We’re aiming to launch our first IDO in 2021 (KDL token) and kick off 2022 with new project IDOs.

Below you can read some details about the KDLaunch team, concept, roadmap, and expectations.

The Team

At KDLaunch we embrace the concept of decentralization and “ethical anonymity”. Our team remains anonymous to hold the focus on you, the community, and the success of the project. This project should be way larger than a small team, and we have plans to transition to a DAO in the future. As such, the focus should never be on a single team, but on the success of the project and what the community can achieve.

We’re development and crypto vets from around the world. The dev team has been a part of projects on Binance, Ethereum, and Kadena blockchains. Together we have expertise in web development, product management, user experience, and marketing.

Here’s a breakdown of our main team:

Jerminator — Founder and head developer. He founded product startups before making his way into crypto in 2018. He knows C#, server-side languages, React / web languages, Solidity, and Pact. He has applied for a Kadena grant and his identity will be known by the Kadena team.

Chronos — Product Designer. He’s got over eight years of experience building and launching products of all types. He’s founded several startups in and outside of crypto. He’s an OG in the Kadena community. He has been head of product for Ethereum projects. He has applied for a Kadena grant and his identity will be known by the Kadena team.

KDLLordX — an experienced developer on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. He’s been coding for years and is new to learning Pact. He has applied for a Kadena grant and his identity will be known by the Kadena team.

A Note on Scams and Rug Pulls

Let’s address the elephant in the room:

We know how uncertain new project launches can be for communities. There have been so many rug pulls on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain that people are wary. Communities get burned with flashy new projects that run away with all the money.

This has to end if we ever want to get to mass adoption of crypto. No one can ever prevent rug pulls or scams 100%, but we’re doing our absolute best to mitigate your risk.

KDLaunch commits to doing everything they can to prevent scams on their platform. We’re going to investigate all projects before agreeing to host an IDO. We’ll assess projects by technical feasibility, team composition, previous achievements, and more. When a project lists an IDO on KDLaunch there will be details everyone can read about the team. We’ll provide the community everything you need to feel safe taking part in KDLaunch IDOs.

IDO Concept for Projects

Projects who launch on our platform can offer the community special incentives. They could offer token airdrops, NFT’s, discounts, early access, or other incentives. This is up to the project and we’ll share these details each time we launch a project.

Here’s a basic process for projects:

1. A project applies to launch on our platform

2. The KDLaunch team verifies the project, its team, and its technology

3. Once verified and approved, we customize the details of your IDO

4. Supporters sign up through our whitelist process. Projects can define specific support requirements on top of KDLaunch requirements.

5. The IDO opens for supporters and takes place over a given timeframe.

6. Once finished, participants will receive their incentive based on your criteria.

IDO Concept for Supporters

Here’s a basic process for supporters:

1. Those who want to take part in KDLaunch IDOs need to stake KDL tokens on our platform. We’re still working on the details of different levels for staking. Those who stake will receive APY% on top of the ability to take part in IDOs. At a high level, we’ll have staking tiers you can join. Those tiers provide different incentives. We’ll announce more details on this in time.

2. KDLaunch stakers who want to take part in an IDO need to become whitelisted. There may be other requirements you must meet specific to a project IDO. We’ll announce more details on this as we release our first IDO.

3. KDLaunch IDOs will have limited amounts of tokens. This helps us and the project ensure that everyone gets a fair chance at supporting. It also prevents whales from buying all the supply in a presale and dumping the price when projects launch.

KDLaunch Tokenomics and Vesting Schedule

KDL has a max supply of 100,000,000 tokens.

Here’s a breakdown of our tokenomics:

10% — Team tokens used over time to pay whoever works on KDLaunch. We will lock team tokens on-chain for 6 months, and after that we will disperse an even amount to the team over 12 months (1.5 years total).

1% — Airdrop to the KDA community before we offer our first IDO.

35% — Rewards used for staking APY, bonus incentives during IDO’s, or other types of rewards the community wants to introduce over time. We will release an even distribution of rewards supply every month for a period of 36 months (3 years).

30% — KDLaunch IDO token supply. This supply will be 100% unlocked and dispersed to IDO participants on KDL token launch.

24% — Ecosystem growth used to pay for technical development, marketing, and anything else the community wants to prioritize. We will release an even distribution of rewards supply every month for a period of 24 months (2 years).

Our Roadmap

All timelines on our roadmap are subject to change. When they do, we will communicate this on Telegram. Here’s a sneak peek at the latest updates for our roadmap.

App launch and audit — development is near completion, and we will be pursuing a 3rd party audit of the code. This will ensure our code is the most secure it can be, and prevent any unwanted mishaps after launch.

Airdrop — We’re airdropping 1% of the total KDL supply to the KDA community. To qualify, you will need to follow some guidelines we publish. Soon we’re going to push out an article describing the details of the airdrop.

KDLaunch IDO — We’re soon going to start the process for publishing requirements for our IDO. Participants will spend KDA to receive a certain number of KDL tokens. There will be a limit for each person to prevent any one person from buying the supply. This will happen soon. Look out for more articles that share details about requirements.

DEX listing — We’re working with other Kadena projects to list the KDL token on exchanges after our IDO. We’ll split KDL / KDA liquidity across multiple exchanges if it makes sense to do so. Look out for more details about this when we get closer to our IDO.

KDL staking and IDO tiers — we’ll be introducing this functionality some time after we launch our app. Stay tuned for more details about staking rewards and IDO tiers.

A Look Ahead

This is a very exciting time for our team and for the Kadena community. We’re looking forward to helping launch new Kadena projects and growing the ecosystem in 2022. As we move into 2022 our roadmap is going to evolve and shift, but we will always share our progress in the community.

A note to the future: a lot of existing launchpads offer token vault locking services for IDOs. We think we should provide the same service for the Kadena ecosystem, and have plans to look into this. We’ll announce more details in the future. If there are other things you’d like to see in our app or the Kadena ecosystem feel free to reach out to us. We’re always willing to discuss new features.

Right now we’re only on Telegram, but make sure you join us there to get the latest news and updates.





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