Introducing KDLabs! Same team, new direction, better value proposition.

4 min readApr 17, 2023

In just one year, our team has been making rapid progress by building several infrastructure projects across multiple networks. We’re eager to take on even greater challenges and expand our offerings, in a way that always brings more value to the community that has supported us from the beginning.

To achieve this, we’re excited to introduce our company KDLabs. Our goal is to consolidate all our current and future projects under one new company brand. We believe this unified approach will help us deliver a stronger, more recognizable presence in the market, help eliminate brand dilution, and improve communication.

The founders of KDLaunch established KDLabs as a new company. Within our team, we always identified ourselves as the “KDLabs team” as our projects expanded beyond KDLaunch. Now, we are making this designation public to operate as a cohesive and organized team. This will enable all of KDLabs’ projects to directly benefit from the success of each other, rather than being a collection of loosely related projects.

So what’s in store?.. We’re boosting our reach, growing our team, taking a more focused direction, supercharging the KDLaunch token with greater utility, and welcoming another project into the newly formed KDLabs company! Strap in!

Changes to socials/communications.

We are announcing KDLabs here, from the KDLaunch Medium, as the first step in this transition is to rebrand the KDLaunch Twitter, Medium, Youtube, Telegram, and Discord groups as KDLabs. Creating a central hub that shares information on, and promotes all KDLabs projects. The obvious value here is greater reach for everything we are working on and a more manageable way for our team to communicate.

This transition will take place over the next couple of weeks, with some new KDLabs branding, and a website with links to all our projects in one convenient place.

Greater value and utility for the KDLaunch token!

The most immediate and exciting value proposition to come from KDLabs is for the KDLaunch token holders. While this restructuring will benefit all our projects, our launchpads will be the first to see major positive effects.

The KDLaunch token will become the only token used by any launchpad built by KDLabs.
Its holders will have access to any IDO hosted by a KDLabs launchpad, which currently includes KDLaunch on Kadena and APLaunch on Aptos, but will also encompass any other launchpad built by KDLabs in the future.

Each will maintain its own interface and website to clearly distinguish the different networks individual projects will be launching on. However, you’ll be able to transfer your KDL tokens between these networks (a separate article will be released regarding these bridges). Your KDLaunch tier will grant you equal privileges on all launchpads, increasing demand and maximizing the tokens’ utility.

This move will bring greater exposure for the KDL token, all launchpads, and every project we launch.

For those that were waiting for the APLaunch IDO, don’t worry, besides greater access to IDOs, we got extra value coming for you too! Read about it here.

The newest addition to a growing stable of great projects….

We are kicking off our new company direction with some big news… the acquisition of Kadena Names! The first, and best naming service built on Kadena, which has been rapidly implemented by many projects in the Kadena ecosystem, and getting a lot of love from the whole community.

KadenaNames will be owned and operated as a KDLabs project going forwards. You can expect the same great service from KadenaNames but with the added technical support and promotion of KDLabs.

What about KDSwap?

KDSwap is poised to be the biggest, and best DEX on Kadena. It is a stand-alone project and will be getting its own dedicated development team going forwards.

We will continue to promote and work with KDSwap of course, but want it to keep its independence, retaining its own Twitter and Telegram, and a team focused only on KDSwap.

The KDS token remains unaffected by KDLabs. KDS will be used for all upcoming features on the dex, such as farming, and KDSwap won’t be utilizing the KDL token, which is just for the launchpads.

KDLabs represents the culmination of our team’s growth, the solid foundation we’ve laid together, and a promising future for all our projects under one united banner.

It’s an exciting road ahead and we appreciate your support!

A huge thanks from the KDLabs team!




KDLabs is a team of dedicated builders in the crypto space. Bringing you great projects like KDLaunch, APLaunch, and KadenaNames!