Dates! WhiteLists! Bonus Levels!

4 min readAug 5, 2022

Get Your Arkade IDO Alpha Here

The next IDO on KDLaunch will be for the $ARKD token.

First, some dates and details, then we will jump into the alpha!

Registration opens: 29/08/2022
Assigning Allocation: 05/09/2022
WhiteList Round: 05/09/2022
KDL Holders Round: 06/09/2022
Fair Distribution Round: 08/09/2022
Sale ends: 12/09/2022

Details on soft cap, hard cap, and the resulting token price will be released next week. We are carefully assessing how to strike a balance between raising adequate funds for the project, and setting a token price that will bring maximum value to IDO investors.

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Looking for the WhitePaper to dive deeper? Right here.

Want some extra value for taking part in the IDO? Let’s get into it…

Besides the chance to scoop up some ARKD tokens first, before they hit exchanges, IDO investors can unlock these bonus levels!

🔓 Early access to the next NFT projects on Arkade launchpad

🔓 Early access to the P2E side-scroller game currently being developed (read on to find out more)

🔓 NFT airdrops for those that buy at least one full allocation in the IDO

🔓 First chance to stake $ARKD as wagering liquidity in the Kasino feature of Arkade (this allows you to earn tokens, as part of the ‘house’ treasury, from wagers made in the Kasino)

👾Level 1- Bulls be Buildin’

$ARKD really is a powerhouse of token utility!

So their NFT marketplace is already humming, the NFT launchpad they built is already hosting exclusive sales for NFT projects like ‘Lazy Apes’, ‘Kadena Komodos’, and ‘KDA Punks’, their arcade and casino is seeing lots of action with some classic games already playable and a P2E model in place…

And, after the IDO on KDLaunch, all of these features will be powered by the $ARKD token!

👾Level 2- What’s next?

Wait, I can get paid to play an awesome side-scroller? Yes you can!

“Super Bull” is a P2E side-scrolling platformer styled after the golden age of arcade games. It’s currently in development, with an expected Beta release on the Arkade in Q3! (With early access reserved for IDO investors)

Players will be able to choose from a cast of several Bull Sprites that range in aesthetic and ability. Each game level will offer new, unique challenges in terrain and mobility while featuring fresh, atmospheric backgrounds. Enemies will vary in strength and abilities, incorporating strategic elements into the gameplay. Like all classic platformers, at the end of the last level they will have to face a formidable final boss. Weapons and power ups are drawn from pop culture nostalgia, such as lightsabers and super saiyan character boosts. By investing time in the game and cultivating their skills, users will be able to earn $ARKD by achieving milestones such as the number of coins collected, enemies killed, or levels completed.

In line with the fun nostalgia-driven style we are used to from the Arkade Bulls team, the earliest version of the game will pay homage to the golden age of platformers, but the plan is to also give users new experiences to look forward to. As the game ages, so will its technical features. Over time the pixel count will increase and the graphics will become more vivid until, finally, the 2D will become 3D, mimicking the natural progression of gaming technology. It celebrates the history of gaming by condensing decades of progress into a few short iterations.

👾Level 3- No long waits for TGE!

Time to hit the Arkade!

With so many uses for the $ARKD token already in place, tokens can be generated shortly after the IDO is finished. 50% of tokens purchased in the IDO will be unlocked and claimable at TGE, 25% more will be unlocked after 3 months, and the remaining 25% after 6 months.

The $ARKD token will be listed on KDSwap shortly after the IDO is complete.

This ethos of getting stuck in to building and allowing people to start using the products straight away, while constantly working to improve upon them, is something that really resonates with us at KDLaunch. We cannot stress enough what a pleasure it has been to work with the Arkade team.

There is so much more to unpack, and you can check out the tokenomics, team, and info about how staking and in-game rewards will work by reading the whitepaper, or get links for their socials here and go chat to their community about it!

👾Boss Level- WhiteLists

If you read this far, you probably want a WhiteList spot right?

No problem! There are a lot of fun comps coming up, but we can get started right now with a giveaway for sharing this article around.

All you have to do is tweet out the link to this article and let people know why you are so bullish for the Arkade IDO!

We will pick out 10 of the best tweets and award them a Whitelist!

If you’re as excited for Arkade as we are, get yourself ready by making an account and completing KYC on KDLaunch to participate. An extensive FAQ and video tutorials are available on our site.




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