Create Custom Token Pairs

2 min readJul 14, 2022


It’s time to start dropping some more features on KDSwap, and next up is custom token pair creation!

So, let’s say you’re holding tokens for one of your favourite Kadena projects and want to add some liquidity on KDSwap, and start picking up some trading fees, but you don’t see it listed on our exchange… No problem, you can now add any KDA token as a KDA/XXX pair.

We are inviting everybody to add liquidity for any specific token pair they want. We have started with just KDA/XXX token pairs, but soon we will be adding the ability to create KDS/XXX token pairs as well, then next in line is XXX/XXX pairs, meaning any token you would like, paired with any other token.

After all, why build a decentralized exchange just to make all the decisions ourselves?

It’s up to the users to decide what they want to trade, we are just here to provide them with the tools and the freedom to use them. That’s the power of defi!

New token pairs that get created will be shown as having been added by community members, until they have been verified as legitimate by our team.

We will be making some tutorials to help you out as well, these will be added to the learn tab on KDSwap.

Custom pairs is a great start, and, just the first additional feature of the many we have planned for what is shaping up to be a really busy Q3, which includes a token locker for vesting, multi-asset staking, advanced price charts with candlesticks, and more.

Have fun creating some custom pairs swappers, and as always, thank you for all your support!




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