A busy few months…

5 min readJun 13, 2022

It has been a huge few months for KDLaunch, so we thought we’d take some time to list the progress we’ve been making towards our goal of building out the Kadena ecosystem, and thank the projects and people that helped us along the way.



We kicked things off with a big step towards a better internet, with the launch of Timpi, a decentralized search engine. These guys are ambitious, driven, and extremely talented, so we were not at all surprised to watch this one sell out and raise 120,000 KDA.


Next up was one of our very own KDLabs projects, KDSWAP, the first gas-free Dex!

We were humbled to see huge demand for this one and raised 160,000 KDA. We sent the Dex live straight after the IDO, and used some of the raise to stock liquidity, with the bulk of the rest going straight toward further development, user rewards, and a community token distribution for KDL/KDS holders and traders.


Continuing this trend of launching projects with real utility, was our third IDO for Docushield. Docushield is a document storage app that is set to show the massive document storage industry just how effective blockchains, and specifically Kadena’s blockchain, are at making digital storage secure, forever.

This IDO raised the most so far, coming in at 225,690 KDA, and with their MVP already out and being tested, you can guarantee they will be putting that KDA to good use.

The Launch of KDSwap

We consider KDSwap to be as foundational to our mission as KDLaunch itself, and the goal is to have the two platforms compliment each other, for a seamless user experience.

When an investor takes part in one of our IDOs on KDLaunch, they can be sure that upon claiming their tokens they will be able to trade, stake, or provide liquidity on KDSwap, using the same wallet and a familiar user interface.

Our team worked tirelessly to get a decentralised exchange up and running, and we are so proud to have provided this project to the community.

The Dex went live right after the IDO, for trading and liquidity providing, and had the highest trading volume seen on a Kadena Dex so far, on it’s first day of trading!

There is a long list of new features on the way for KDSwap, but these are the next few to be added:

- A token vault

- Staking

- Community token distribution for top traders and all KDL holders

- IL mitigation (using a risk parameter system)

- Allowing users to create their own token pairs

Following shortly will be chain agnostic functionality, and some juicy cross-platform rewards for KDS and KDL holders.

Growing our community

Twitter growth

The KDLaunch community is growing rapidly and recently reached 13K followers on twitter.

Listings on DeFi Lama

Gaining exposure outside of the Kadena community is key to our growth, and it is a great step for us that DefiLama is now tracking both KDLaunch and KDSwap.

Coinmarket Cap and Coingecko

KDSwap was launched with integration for CMC and CG using a fast GraphQL layer. We applied to both straight away, and are now just waiting for our application to be accepted.

This will allow all tokens listed on KDSwap to be listed on CMC and CG, gaining more exposure, not just for our projects, but all projects building on Kadena.

Creating valuable content


Our video podcast series KDLounge has just wrapped up it’s first season, and we had a blast making it. We started this with the intention to showcase projects building on Kadena and bring you in depth interviews with the people behind them.

The first season featured some fantastic guests in Will Martino (KDA), Joerg Buss and Gareth Evans (Timpi), Dan Keller (Flux), Dor Tavdidshvili (MOK), Adrian Marquez (Docushield), and Morgan Denner (Tech Fleet).

The next season is on it’s way, and will return with better production, and another great lineup of guests.

Tutorial series

We recently started a tutorial series on our YouTube channel, where our community manager Afonso walks you through some often misunderstood concepts in crypto.

We are hoping to give something back to the community with this series, and create a valuable resource for newcomers to the space.

The first tutorials featured explanations of automatic market makers, liquidity providing and impermanent loss. There are many more on the way and we are taking topic suggestions from the community, so let us know what you would like to see.

A growing list of partners

With true decentralization being the goal, we are proud to say that both KDLaunch and KDSwap are running on FLUX nodes. Big thanks to our partners at FLUX for making this possible.

We were also flattered to have KDLaunch and KDSwap added to the stable of amazing projects over at FluxLabs. This incubator they are building is one to keep a close eye on, that is for sure.

Before our first IDO we partnered with the team at Fractal, who handle KYC for our platform. With 3 IDO’s in the bag now, we could not be happier with the service they have provided us and our users.

These are just some of the perks of strong partnerships, and we are so grateful for the help we receive from all our partners at Kadena, Flux, Zelcore, Fluxlabs, Timpi, Docushield, and Fractal.

We are currently working with many other projects and hope to be adding to the list of formal partnerships very soon.

Looking forwards

As busy as things look on the surface for us, we assure you, if you could see behind the scenes you would wonder if our team ever sleeps.

Operating a launchpad means not only building your own platform, but spending countless hours assessing, reaching out to, and working with every project that wants to, or is currently, building on Kadena.

This chain is growing fast, and the talented teams that are looking to build on Kadena has us more motivated than ever. You can expect to see some of these teams being listed as upcoming projects on KDLaunch in the near future!

Thanks for supporting KDLaunch and KDSwap, we really do appreciate all of you!

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